The most recent issue of “From the Housetops” magazine has been published and printed right here at our monastery… and features the life of Saint Padre Pio!

Padre Pio IssueThe tremendously popular saint, known simply as Padre Pio, was recognized as a means to miracles in his lifetime as he is today.

Privileged to bear the wounds of Christ in his body, he was celebrated for life-long mystical experiences which include frequent confrontations with the devil, bilocation and prophecy. But what really made the humble Capuchin friar a saint was his devotedness to prayer and sacrifice and a personal drive for union with Christ crucified.

Other articles in this issue include articles such as – “Worthy Praise of the Pure Queen of Heaven,” the “Advice of Padre Pio,” “Perseverance” and many others excellent reads!

Order your issue of the Padre Pio issue or subscribe to this solidly Catholic – yet easy-reading magazine today!

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