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Printed at the Monastery!

This booklet is a magazine that was started in the early days of the Center when it was an apostolate to Harvard University in Cambridge. Once the Center moved to Harvard, MA, it took a hiatus until it was revived in 1975 by Brother Hugh Mac Isaac.

Since then it has celebrated 35 years of continuous publication with a distribution of over 1 million copies. Each issue features the life of a Saint, with the intention of appealing to the modern reader. Other articles are gleaned from the timeless treasures of the Church, no longer available in print, or they are new articles written in an effort to evangelize. These are great evangelization tools, so give on to your friends, and spread the Faith “From the Housetops!”

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Follow the Saints!

Our powerful little magazine will fill your soul with the love of the Saints and set you off in their footsteps! Get a free subscription online at the From the Housetops website!

From the Housetops magazine

Magazine Features

This handy sized magazine is designed to help nourish the hearts and souls of busy Catholics in today’s hectic world. 

  • Maint article focuses on a Saint or canonizable.
  • Side articles gleaned from traditional sources.
  • Beautifully illustrated in full color.
  • Solidly Catholic… but easy-reading.
  • An excellent tool for evangelization.
  • Published and printed here at our monastery!

From Our Readers!

Thank you for the information ! That issue [Father Pro] was passed around to several people in our tour group and everyone was amazed at his life story …I pray to him I would have the faith and courage to stand up for Christ if I am ever in the same situation. Well worth reading for every Catholic striving to keep the faith!

Joanne L.

All these publications are beautiful in illustration, quality paper, and materials.

Kenneth P.

I gave my first copy [St. Philomena] to a friend… weeks later I found myself wanting to reread this issue and… I quickly re-ordered and re-read. The inspiration found in these pages stays fresh with each reading. I’m grateful for every issue and appreciative of all the work that goes into preparing a superior publication !!

Frank G.