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PO Box 1000
Harvard, MA. 01451
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282 Still River Road
Harvard, MA. 01451
(978) 456-8296

What is 12+3?

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Thank you for your interest! One of the Brothers or Sisters will do their best to help you with your questions as soon as possible.

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We Rely on Your Support!

Although there are no collections taken at Sunday Masses, we depend on your generosity to help us maintain the ongoing work! Donations may be placed in the “Offering” slot on the wall near the holy water font in the chapel vestibule or made here online. Thank you and God bless you!

Monastery Dress Code

We ask visitors to abide by our dress code while on the monastery grounds.

Women*  Dresses or skirts must be below the knee. No pants or shorts or sleeveless blouses. Head coverings required in the Chapel.

Men* – No shorts. No t-shirts.

True Catholic


“What a joy it is to serve God freely, generously, and without asking recompense.” ~St. Rose Philippine Duchesne