Chapel Bulletin

March 2020

Dedicated to Saint Joseph

SUNDAY, MARCH 1ST – 1ST SUNDAY IN LENT. Saint David of Wales is pictured standing on a mound with a dove on his shoulder because once while he was preaching, a dove descended to his shoulder and the earth rose to lift him high above the people so that he could be heard.

TUESDAY, MARCH 3RD – Saint Katherine Drexel used her wealth for the benefit of others. She founded the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament and began a system of Catholic schools here in the USA.

FRIDAY, MARCH 6TH – Saints Perpetua and Felicitas. This Friday in Lent is dedicated to the Lance & Nails. First Friday in March! Stations of the Cross at 7:30 p.m.

SATURDAY, MARCH 7TH – Saint Thomas Aquinas acquired all his wisdom at the foot of the Cross. One hour of prayer is worth years of study.  First Saturday in March. Feastday of Brother Thomas Augustine, MICM.

SUNDAY, MARCH 8TH – 2ND SUNDAY IN LENT. Saint John of God. Daylight Savings begins.

MONDAY, MARCH 9TH – Saint Dominic Savio, the young disciple of Saint John Bosco, lived by his motto: Death rather than sin. Fundraiser Basketball games tonight at 7 p.m.

TUESDAY, MARCH 10TH – The Forty Martyrs of Sabaste were condemned to be exposed naked upon a frozen pond until they froze to death. One, yielding to the torture left his companions, but his place was taken by a guard, thus keeping the mystical number of forty martyrs.

THURSDAY, MARCH 12TH – Saint Gregory the Great, one of the four great Doctors of the Latin Church.

FRIDAY, MARCH 13TH – Saint Euphrasia. This Friday in Lent is dedicated to the Holy Shroud.  Rosary Rally in Worcester at 11 a.m.  Join us for the Stations of the Cross this evening at 7:30 p.m.

SATURDAY, MARCH 14TH – Saint Mathilda. Join us for the Saint Patrick’s Day Talent Night at 7:00 p.m.

SUNDAY, MARCH 15TH – 3RD SUNDAY IN LENT. Saint Longinus was the Roman centurion who pierced the side of Our Lord on Good Friday. His lance is still kept in one of the great pillars in Saint Peter’s Basilica.  Fundraiser basketball game today at 1:30 p.m.

TUESDAY, MARCH 17TH – Saint Patrick, the beloved patron of the Irish people, spread the Faith through Ireland. His simplicity in teaching the truths of the Faith is typified by his famous description of the Trinity in the shamrock. Feast day of Brother Patrick Joseph, MICM.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 18TH – Saint Cyril of Jerusalem was made a Doctor of the Church for his simple and clear explanations of the Catholic Faith, which even a  child can understand.

THURSDAY, MARCH 19TH – Saint Joseph faithfully cared for his little family, Jesus and Mary. No sacrifice was too great for him. Now Jesus shows him His gratitude by granting our requests through his intercession. Let us go to Saint Joseph in all our needs, and especially ask him for the grace of a holy death.

FRIDAY, MARCH 20TH – Saint Photina. This Friday in Lent is dedicated to the Five Wounds. Pray the Stations of the Cross today and follow in the footsteps of Christ!

SATURDAY, MARCH 21ST – Saint Benedict, Father of Western Monasticism, founded one of the greatest religious orders in the Church.

SUNDAY, MARCH 22ND – 4TH SUNDAY IN LENT. LAETARE SUNDAY. Like the third Sunday of Advent, the fourth Sunday of Lent is a break in an otherwise penitential season. The vestments for this day are rose and flowers may adorn the Altar. This day is called “Laetare Sunday” (also “Rose Sunday” ), and takes its name from the opening words of the Introit: “Rejoice, Jerusalem!”  Julia O’Leary becomes a Novice today!

MONDAY, MARCH 23RD – Our Lady of Victories is the title of a beautiful image of Our Lady which the French took from Constantinople in 1204 in a battle in which they scored a victory. There is also a famous church called Our Lady of Victories in Paris which was desecrated during the French Revolution, but restored by Our Lady with the help of a simple priest named Father Desgenettes, in 1836. “Consecrate your parish to the most holy and Immaculate Heart of Mary,” he heard a voice say to him at a sparsely attended morning Mass. A short time after he had obeyed Our Lady’s orders, the empty church was filled for the first time in many years.

TUESDAY, MARCH 24TH – Saint Gabriel the Archangel was chosen to bring the message of the Annunciation. The name Gabriel means strength of God.

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 25TH – THE ANNUNCIATION. Today the Church recalls the greatest event in history, the Incarnation of Our Lord. On this day the Word was made flesh, and united to Itself forever the humanity of Jesus. Her simple Fiat (Be it done), was the dawn of our salvation!

FRIDAY, MARCH 27TH – Saint John Damascene. This Friday is dedicated to the Precious Blood. Pray the Stations of the Cross!

SUNDAY, MARCH 29TH – PASSION SUNDAY. Today, statues and sacred images are veiled with purple and they remain covered until the Gloria of Holy Saturday, at which point Lent ends and Eastertide begins. The veiling of statues stems from today’s Gospel reading when the Jews take up stones to cast at Jesus, Who hides Himself.

TUESDAY, MARCH 31ST – Our Lady of the Holy Cross of Jerusalem. After finding the True Cross in Jerusalem, Saint Helen carried a portion of it to Rome where she built a basilica to house it, and where it is still seen and venerated today along with other precious relics of the Passion.

Please note:

All public Masses have been suspended per Bishop McManus until further notice. Please pray for and to the Coronavirus.