After four weeks of camps and retreats, the Brothers resumed construction on the IHM addition in late August. Our youth apostolate was such a success that we are happy to forego our initial expectations of opening the new addition in September. But there has still been great progress through the summer as you will see in the photos below!

Keeping up with constantly changing codes has hindered some of the progress, but we are still moving along! During the summer months, the addition was wallboarded and skim-coated by a professional company. It was a great blessing that the Brothers did not have to tackle this enormous part of the project, so thank you for making that possible!

When the Sisters’ camps were over, they painted the classrooms and stained and varnished window trim. Floor tiles, lighting, plumbing fixtures, and detail work are the bulk of what lies ahead to complete the project. Re-configuring the exterior entrance to match MacIsaac Hall, has been started and will enhance the look of IHM Elementary! The kitchen will remain one of the last rooms to be addressed, along with the function room on the ground level. It’s only a matter of time (and donations) before we finish. If you can help in any way, God will bless you, and we will greatly appreciate it! 

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