The latest issue of “From the Housetops” Magazine has been rolled off the press here at the Monastery (see a video below!) and mailed to loyal subscribers!

This is a unique issue featuring the life of Sister Marie of Saint Peter and the beginnings of the great devotion to the Holy Face of Jesus.

Sister Marie of St. Peter was an obscure Carmelite nun who was given the mission to spread reparation to the Holy Face of Jesus as an antidote to the rising attack of God-less Communism spreading throughout the world. Our Lord Himself called it a devotion “destined to save society.” Read the story, enkindle the devotion in your life, and help to save our present world.

Other articles in this issue include:

  • The Catholic Church – A Great Fact
  • Refuge of Sinners
  • The Veil of Veronica
  • Two Apostate Priests
  • Associations
  • The Ten Commandments
  • The Loss of the Child Jesus
  • Why the Mass is in Latin
  • Plainly Speaking
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