You are in for a story of faith and adventure in the most recent issue of “From the Housetops” magazine!

The life of the unassuming Sister Blandina is one of missionary zeal and fearless charity. Beginning her religious life in Cincinnati, her missionary journey of obedience brought her to the far-out Wild West where she faced outlaws and brigands. She lived out her life supported by the graces of her vows, proving to us that – “With God all things are possible.”

The cause for the canonization of Sister Blandina is now open and she is presently a “Servant of God.”

Other articles in the issue include works such as:

      • Personal Devotion to Christ
      • The Thieves
      • The Mother of the Redeemer
      • Reparation
      • The Uses of Reason
      • Plainly Speaking
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