After overturning the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision on June 24th, the battle over the lives of the unborn has intensified in some states, especially here in Massachusetts. Since abortion still prevails across the state, the National Men’s March to Abolish Abortion and Rally for Personhood came to Boston on October 15, 2022. The March was organized by Jim Havens, Co-Founder of the Men’s March and Host of “The Simple Truth” on The Station of the Cross Catholic Media Network; and by Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, “The Protest Priest” and Co-Founder of The Men’s March, and Co-Host of “The Simple Truth.”

The Brothers MICM, fathers, and sons from St. Benedict Center joined with a few hundred pro-life supporters at the Planned Parenthood abortion mill on Commonwealth Avenue where the event commenced. After an hour of prayer, speeches were given by several courageous men, including Jim Havens and Mark Houck, regarding the dignity of life and the motivation for our fight for life. Following the speeches, the group began marching and praying all the way to the State House under the protection of the Boston police.

The opposition gathered strength at the State House where a group of obnoxious clowns with horns and cowbells turned into a radical, left-wing Antifa group with megaphones to blare their obscenities and profanities for two hours.

In front of the State House, the men listened to rallying remarks from speakers, including Sr. Deirdre Byrne. Even in that hostile environment, the marchers felt strengthened in their resolve to continue fighting by prayer, penance, and active protest. Everyone was grateful to the organizers of the Men’s March for being able to witness to the dignity of life in such a public fashion. May God continue to bless these efforts to foster in our nation a love for all life, especially for those too small to have a voice of their own.

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