The spirit of Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, which is an ardent love of Mary carried out through our daily duties, is so important in today’s society, and that is why Montfort Camp keeps spreading to more places! For the third year, the Brothers brought Montfort Camp all the way out to Idaho, through the generosity of the Cheek family and other benefactors who spent countless hours in preparation for an outstanding week!

On the shores of Lake Cascade, 2 hours north of Boise, 4 Brothers, 10 staff members, and 65 boys enjoyed swimming, boating, sports, capture the flag and many other activities, as well as religion classes, daily rosary and other means of growing in the Faith. The campfire each night, followed by night prayers, was a perfect way to end each day, and by the end of the camp, everyone was reluctant to leave. It is truly a blessing to be with such a wonderful, welcoming community out in Idaho, and the spirit of Montfort has certainly caught hold out in Idaho!

Montfort Boys Camp in Idaho 2022
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