The 2022 Montfort Boys Summer Camps at Montfort Retreat concluded in August. The young today desperately need to break away from our Godless world and experience the beauty that surrounds us in nature, in the mountains of New Hampshire. This is what Montfort Boys and Youth Camps are all about!

Week one session of Montfort Boys Camp 2022
Second session of Montfort Boys Camp 2022

Faith, formation, friends… and all things boy. Montfort Camps wrapped up the 2022 sessions with a full gamut of prayer, daily devotions, sports, fishing, target shooting, archery, water sports and so much more.

It’s encouraging for boys to meet others who are striving for virtue; they are not alone. The best and most memorable fun is free from sin and temptation. At Montfort Boys Camp, we teach boys to live in the state of grace; a challenge that needs to be met head-on with enthusiasm and courage.

The good news is that the response of the campers shows that they love it! There were so many applicants this year that the Brothers added a third week for the first time!

Enjoy photos from the weeks below!


Montfort Youth Retreat for Catholic Young Men
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