In the spirit of Saint Louis Marie De Montfort, who promoted “slavery to Jesus through Mary,” the Sisters have designed a sterling silver True Devotion Ring for both men and woman who have dedicated themselves in the manner set down by this great Marian saint in his treatise, “True Devotion to Mary.”

He wrote: “It is a most glorious and praiseworthy thing and very useful to those who have made themselves slaves of Jesus in Mary, that they should wear a sign of their loving slavery.”

  1. To remind the Christian of the vows and promises of his Baptism, of the perfect renewal he has made of them by this devotion, and of the strict obligation under which he is to be faithful to them.
  2. To show that we are not ashamed of the servitude and slavery of Jesus Christ.
  3. To protect ourselves against the chains of sin and of the devil.

Since Saint Louis Marie mentions little chains as a symbol, the Sisters have incorporated chain links in the design of this ring.

For a short history and demonstration of this ring, please watch this video by the Sisters, Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

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