The great apostle, Saint Paul, wrote to the Hebrews, “Without Faith, it is impossible to please God.” Is God pleased then, with the state of the Church and the world today? The Faith is being lost wholesale, giving way to denial of basic moral teachings. Shameful sins abound while Confessions and Mass attendance continue to plummet. Catholic schools are constantly closing leaving the youth un-catechized and subject to living a life of practical atheism.

Our Lord asked his apostles, “But yet the Son of man, when He cometh, shall He find, think you, Faith on earth?” The answer is a definite “No,” unless there is a revitalization of teaching the Faith, “in season and out of season,” as Saint Paul urges. 

This is the mission of publishing our Catholic periodical, From the HouseTops, to teach the Faith in all its integrity and strength. 

From the Housetops Magazine

Faith is the beginning of salvation, the good news that should not be hidden under a bushel basket but presented openly to all. No one can remain strong in the Faith in our day, surrounded as we are by the works of darkness, without constant reinforcement. As the body needs food and refreshment, so too, the soul needs grace and inspiration. 

The examples found in the lives of the saints provide motivation and encouragement to follow in their footsteps. The heroic examples of the martyrs, who gave their lives rather than deny the Faith, will overcome our hesitation to profess the truth in public.  Yes, we are Catholics, we have the truth and we are not ashamed to speak it.

From the Housetops is a publication featuring the lives of the saints, their writings, papal teaching, Church history, apologetics, and topics of devotional interest all geared to nourish and strengthen the faith of loyal Catholics.  With that, the spread of the Faith will follow.

Today on the Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker and the first day of the month of our Blessed Mother, we are launching, under their patronage, an electronic version of From the HouseTops. We offer it to all freely while in our country we still can freely present it without censorship.

Don’t hesitate. Sign up now. May God continue to bless you.

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