The registrations for Morning Star Girls’ Camp and Montfort Boys’ Camp are filled up already! This camp program at our New Hampshire camp facility is now celebrating its 41st year and going strong. Catholic in all their activities, the programs center around our mission of “To Jesus through Mary.” Due to its popularity, we have also been hosted by other parishes at facilities across the country:

This February, a two-day mini Morning Star Camp was held in El Paso, Texas,  for girls from Immaculate Conception Parish. Sister Martina Marie, an El Paso native, and Sister Agnes Mary directed the day camp for thirty-five happy campers! Although it was short, it was full of enthusiasm and created many happy and faith-filled memories for the attendees. See the photo gallery on the Sisters’ site here.

Morning Star Camp in Texas, February 2022.
Montfort Boys Camp in Louisiana, March 2022.

In February, Brother Peter Mary, Brother Anthony Marie, and Brother Gerard directed their first camp in the deep south of Louisiana! Eighteen young men attended the 4-day overnight camp/retreat. It was a whole new experience and a new chapter for the Montfort Boys’ Camp programs! Replicating the Montfort Program, tried and true, everyone who attended left a better Catholic. See the photo gallery here!

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