The enchanting story of the miraculous fresco of Our Lady of Good Counsel. The ancient painting, by an unknown artist, is a tender depiction of the Son of God embracing His Blessed Mother. Painted on a thin shell of plaster, the image was honored for centuries by the Albanian people, and in particular, the great hero, Skanderbeg. With the decline of faith and the defeat of the faithful by the Ottoman empire, Our Lady’s image miraculously flew to Genazzano, Italy, followed by faithful disciples, where it is honored even today.

Other Articles in this Issue Include:

      • Every Minute is Precious
      • Know Your Religion
      • The Price of Faith
      • Searchlights of Eternity
      • Beware of Desecrating Holy Things
      • Refuge of Sinners
      • Self Conquest
      • Occasions of Sin
      • Plainly Speaking

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