The exterior of IHM Expansion Project is now a lovely structure, completing the New England style school building. Windows and siding are on most of it and the wrap-around porch is being constructed with our own milled beams.

September progress IHM ExpansionAlthough the addition looks great from the exterior, the interior is still far from finished. With another New England winter ahead, the Brothers continue to seal and weather-proof the building so that during the winter months they can start the more intricate interior work. The plumbing, electricity, wall boards, flooring, lights, and heating are all challenging and expensive. There is still so much to do. (See photos below.)

We are so thankful for the volunteers who have come to help the Brothers! In September our architect friends from CAC even volunteered a work day at IHM School!

During the summer months, the School Expansion Project never stopped…but there were still the weeks of summer camps, lawns to be mowed and many other maintenance projects that the Brothers tackle behind the scenes. At the end of August, the peeling paint on IHM Chapel could no longer be ignored. So the weekend before school started, 30+ volunteers showed up to help the Brothers scrape the entire 30’ high wooden building before painting it.

With all the selfishness in today’s society, this was nothing short of miraculous. Please consider helping out too, by making a donation to help speed along the progress!

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