The rose window in Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel has crowned the altar reredos since its installation in 1980. The window, featuring the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary and the Immaculate Heart, is the climax of the Rosary-themed windows in the main body of the chapel.

A while back, severe weather damage became apparent below the frame of the 40 year-old window frame. Volunteers, Luke Austin and Tom Oldfield, analyzed the project and began by removing the stained glass in early October 2020.

Luke Austin made a new mahogany frame, 8 feet in diameter, from wood donated by a local lumberyard. Mahogany resists moisture and holds up to weather better than most woods. While that was underway, Oliver McMahon cleaned the stained glass and refurbished the soldering of the panes.

In March 2021, Luke and Tom teamed up again to remove the old frame, replace any rotten wood in the wall and affix an 8-foot circular plate glass covering over the exterior of the window. The rose window was finally reinstalled on March 29! On Easter Sunday, the sun appropriately glowed through the Glorious Mysteries of the rose window, once again!

May God reward all those who sacrificed their precious time to use their talents for His glory!

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