A unique issue of “From the Housetops Magazine” is getting ready to ship from Mancipia Press this week! The issue features the members of the Martin Family ~ the family that produced one of the most popular saints of all time, Saint Therese of Lisieux!

The Martin Family issue of From the Housetops MagazineThe story focuses especially on Zelie and Louis Martin, (the parents of the Little Flower) who were recently canonized together as a married couple. Its is a tender tale of two people in love who put God first in their relationship, and kept it that way despite sufferings, loss of children, sickness and even death. Their heroic forbearance in times of trial truly merited the title of “Saint” for each of them.

The article also touches on the the lives five Martin girls with a brief “behind-the-scenes” look at the remainder of their lives in the wake of the canonization of their youngest sister!

Other articles in this issue include:

Love of the Saints for the Passion
Building without Christ
Fear of God
The Fatima Call for the Sanctification of the Family
Water at Work
Plainly Speaking

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