Three Brothers brought a little bit of Montfort Camp down to the town of Ave Maria in Florida over February break, from February 13th to the 19th. The warm, 90-degree weather was only surpassed by the warm reception of the families, who were extremely hospitable in helping the Brothers make their week a wonderful one!

Brothers MICM in FloridaA blend of daily Mass, catechism, sports, spiritual talks, rosaries, singing, and much more filled the week and brought an opportunity for not only enjoyment, but, with the help of God, the support of grace for everyone involved.

Three days, each day with a different age group, were spent with students from Donahue Academy in a mini-retreat atmosphere, in the hopes of helping the students become more focused for the beginning of Lent.

The other days were spent with the homeschool group of boys and girls in community Mass, nightly Rosaries, pot-luck meals, and competitive sports, and campfire melodies!

Although the cabins, cafeteria, and canoes amidst the pines of Washington, NH were a thousand miles away, the spirit and energy of Montfort pervaded the Florida grounds of Ave Maria, and has given the Camp a second home!

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