With lumber cut on our own sawmill, a lovely little sugar shack was constructed in the backyard of Saint Elizabeth’s Convent by the Brothers during the March lock down. This log cabin structure was a challenge to their creativity an enjoyable distraction from the Covid frenzy.

Sister Brigid Mary, a native of Vermont, has been the motivator for this project. Sister has been tapping trees and collecting gallons of sap (40 gallons to 1 gallon of syrup) for a number of years now. She has been boiling down the sap in a makeshift set-up in a heavy duty garage tent. Now, thanks to the Brothers, she’s got a real Sugar Shack, where she can more efficiently work during the “sugaring season.” Next year she will need to address the homemade stove contraption that is about to fall apart.

At this point we are not making enough to sell, outside of small containers in the gift shop. But maybe someday, we will when the operation is staffed full time, we may be able to! There is nothing like the smell of maple syrup in the cold winter air! Don’t you just love Sweet Still River!?!

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