The latest issue of “From the Housetops” magazine, featuring the life of Saint Sharbel Makhlouf, was published, printed and shipped from Mancipia Press recently. The “Hermit of Lebanon” spent most of his life in the hills of Lebanon at the Maronite Monastery of Annaya, sacrificing and praying for others. He rarely spoke and yet his life as a crucial message for our turbulent times – God is found in silence!

Only after his death was his holiness realized with thousands of miracles occurring at his grave. It this beautiful article he calls out to us to invest in things of eternal worth! Saint Sharbel, pray for us!

Other articles in this issue include:

  • Mother Most Pure
  • The Life of Saint Paul the First Hermit
  • Perseverance in Prayer
  • The Art of Talking
  • Making Up for the Past
  • Living
  • Gratitude
  • Watch Yourself
  • Plainly Speaking
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