This coming fall we will celebrate one year since the ground breaking of our IHM School expansion project. From that very day we have been praying… and fundraising in hope to complete the new classrooms and be up and running for the 2020–2021 school year…..then COVID struck! This unforeseen obstacle forestalled our hope as the work slowed and materials delayed, until it almost came to a screeching halt up to the last month or so. It is now apparent that our one year deadline will not be met. As we say here at the monastery, “With God there is no time…” so we just have to be patient and pray…and continue to fundraise!

The last days in May brought us a sign of hope when the steel-workers arrived with a 100-foot crane. The beams that will support the first floor were lifted and bolted into place. (Watch the video below!) After this the sheets of steel were put on top for the first floor.…where cement will be poured. But first the plumber!! Interesting to note, as special interest groups surface in political hostility, one cement company refused to be hired because they said they would not help build a Catholic school!

Please consider helping us with this project. We are a private school and almost all classes are taught by religious. Our tuition is low, making Catholic education available for big families who are struggling financially. God will reward you for anything you can give to speed along this important expansion project!

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