Your Prayer Intentions

Dear Friends,

The holiest week of the year has come. Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday are meant to prepare us to receive the joy and graces that God wants to give us on Easter Sunday and during the entire Easter Season.  How one spends this week will determine the grace and joy given us by our Savior this Easter.  

Nothing can equal the liturgical ceremonies of these holy days for entering in and participating in the mystery of the passion and death of Our Lord.  Through these ceremonies we partake today, in a spiritual and real way, the events—now eternalized—which led up to the Resurrection 2,000 years ago.
Holy Week should never come and go without special observance, but what can one do, now that the Faithful are barred from even entering their churches?

Fasting and alms-giving are certainly pleasing to God.  Spiritual benefit can come from reading the accounts of the Passion by the four evangelists. Keeping silence in a prayerful manner from noon till 3:00 on Good Friday is a devout traditional practice. Reading the meditations that the saints and spiritual authors have left us is especially beneficial.

Most importantly, all must pray.  The Rosary—given to us by Our Blessed Mother—is meant to be used at times like these and can never be taken away from us.

While Christ is offended today by innumerable offenses committed daily, we can stand with Mary, Mother of Sorrows, through the meditative recitation of the Rosary.  Through this devotion, may we gain all the graces necessary to follow God’s will for us, keep His Commandments and thereby console Him and show our love for Him.

The Brothers and Sisters here at the Center hope and pray that you are well and that this current chastisement will soon end. Moreover you and your intentions will be remembered at three Masses: one on Easter Sunday, another on Easter Monday, and one on Easter Tuesday.

I have included a link to a page where you can list your intentions that will be placed on our altar.  

God bless you and give you a Blessed Easter.

In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Br. Thomas Augustine, M.I.C.M.

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