During our school’s February Break, Br. Anthony Marie, Br. Christopher Isaac, and Br. Martin took a trip to Florida to spend the week with the students and families of Ave Maria. Thanks to preparations made by a couple of the mothers close to the school, the Brothers were able to spend 3 days with the students of Donahue Academy to teach them about vocations and the Latin Mass. The days would start with the Brothers’ vocation stories, followed by sports and a few reflections on the Traditional Latin Mass, which was a new experience for some of the students. Mid-morning, the Brothers accompanied the students to the parish Church to help guide them through the Latin Mass, which culminated in a Missa Cantata on Friday morning. The students were very attentive, which gave the Brothers a grace-filled opportunity to plant a seed in the hearts of these children and young adults, which will hopefully strengthen them in their spiritual combat.

Each night the Brothers were treated to dinner at a few of the families’ houses close-by. They were generously welcomed, and enjoyed those memorable evenings of good conversation, the family Rosary, competitive sports, and wholesome singing around the campfires. The Brothers drove back home to the colder temperatures of Massachusetts at the end of this eventful week, grateful to God for the opportunity to reach out to such a Catholic community, and grateful to the charitable families who made it possible.

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