You don’t want to miss the most recent issue of From the Housetops that features the story of Saint Paul Miki and the Japanese Martyrs! It is the story of twenty-six uncompromising heroes of the Faith who gave their lives for preaching the Gospel of Christ. What was designed to be a terror tactic by the government turned out to be one of the most notable scenes of martyrdom throughout the centuries, planting the seed of Faith deep into the heart of the Japanese people.

Saint Paul Miki HousetopsThe unique painting by Raúl Berzosa on the cover is a gripping depiction of their final sacrifice!

Don’t miss reading this excellent article!

Other articles in the issue include works such as:

  • Christ the King
  • How Saint Ignatius Became a Saint
  • Meet the 26 Martyrs of Japan
  • Fortitude
  • Have Faith
  • Who?
  • Plainly Speaking
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