We decked the hall… MacIsaac Hall that is, and made everything jolly and bright for the first ever Christmas Festival held here at Saint Benedict Center on Saturday, December 14, 2019!

When the doors opened at 9 a.m., visitors entered a gym/hall that was transformed into a land of old style Christmas spirit that offered everything from delectable baked goods to raffle, crafts and gifts! The grey, foggy weather made it easy to enjoy cheerful surroundings and shoppers grabbed a coffee and canollli, and then started the rounds… filling a box with your choice of cookies, buying a Christmas pudding, stocking up on homemade jelly, or shopping for treasures in the jewelry and collectibles! If you were lucky you snatched up a handmade quilt or one of the great Sister-made items that ranged from leather moccasins to wood items to a 100% convent-made Infant Jesus ready for your creche!

Kids could step into Santa’s boots and toss gifts into a chimney to win a prize, make a gingerbread man or a jewelry gift!  And everyone was invited to remember the true meaning of Christmas by perusing the numerous Nativity scenes displayed so enchantingly on the stage (and vote for their favorite) or take the mic to sing out some Christmas Karaoke!

It was first-time event that was festive, fun and a fruitful fundraiser full of Catholic Christmas spirit! A new tradition has been born here at SBC! Be sure to check out the photo gallery from this event below!

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