Thanks to hard work of our volunteers and the wonderful spirit of camaraderie, the IHM Fall Bazaar was the biggest success this year!

The overcast weather of October 12th only accentuated the vibrant colors of the foliage, bringing more customers than ever before to the “good ol’ fashion” fun on the lawn of IHM Chapel at Saint Benedict Center!

While bargain hunters shopped through the mountain of yard sale items under the yellow tent, the green and white tent nearby housed an aromatic Baked Goods table, full of apple pies and pizzas and lots of other mouth watering sweets. Lining the sides were tabes of raffles, religious goods, plants, books, clothing, furniture and much more! And that was just the beginning!

Way before lunch time, there were lines gathering at the food booths which featured Taste of Texas pulled pork, the extremely popular Korean booth, Corn Dogs, Filippino, Italian and even some Egyptian food! It was an exciting array of delicious cuisine!

Moving down the line, you could buy yourself a hot pretzel, a slice of cake for dessert, a cloud of cotton candy and then take your choice of hot coffee, cold drinks or apple cider… pressed right there as you watched!

The rest of the field was dotted with a variety of games and activities for the kids … including the bouncy house, of course!

What a joy it was to see such a great spirit among the IHM students and families during this event! Everyone was so excited to be there and to be raising funds for our IHM School Expansion Project! Thanks to that enthusiasm, we raised $25,000 during this event! Thank you and God bless you!

Find out more about the Expansion Project on the IHM Site!

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