If ever there was a place where time stood still and the beauty of Christmas was unchanged, it would be here at Saint Benedict Center.

Nestled in the scenic hills of Still River, Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel may have lacked snow outdoors this year when the big day arrived, but inside…… the beauty of Christmas was unsurpassed.

Thanks to the generosity of local nurseries, the greens, trees, garlands and wreaths were gathered and hung for a spectacular welcome for the Infant King once again this year. God must truly love and bless those donors, for they bring such glory to God and help to raise the minds and hearts of all who enter IHM Chapel this time of year.

We have cherished these days close to the crib once again.

Now as the New Year has dawned and the Christ Child already begins to grow and set His focus on His mission… we want to share a few photos of this little House of Bread, our little Bethlehem with all our family and friends, near and far before this Christmas in all its beauty fades into eternity.

We hope the gallery of IHM Chapel, the Sisters’ private Gate of Heaven Chapel and the surrounding decor relays a little of the peace, glory and warmth of Christmas at Saint Benedict Center.

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