Ever since our new True Devotionals Gift Shop opened about a year ago, it has been pretty much popping with business. The bright happy interior of the new location is much more appealing and lends to some happy shopping as visitors peruse our lovely collection of items which are hand picked (designed by or made) by the Sisters!

Gifts for Consecrated SoulsWhile Sister Agnes Mary keeps our shelves stocked with new items constantly appearing, and our volunteers service customers, there is another shop open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week….. online!

We are excited to announce that we are now shipping world-wide, making our Gift Shop available for just about everyone, everywhere! What is even more exciting, is that we have had a tremendous response to our exclusive Sterling Silver True Devotion Rings and Bracelets this year in particular! Orders have been coming in daily from across the country and beyond. Already this year we have sold over 500 rings! It is awesome to know that there are so many joining the ranks of Consecrated Souls under the banner of To Jesus through Mary!

We live Total Consecration to Mary and promote it to everyone looking for peace and protection from our Blessed Mother! She will never be outdone in generosity! If you haven’t already, pick up “True Devotion to Mary” by Saint Louis Marie de Montfort… make the 33-day preparation as prescribed in the original writing, in our Manual for Total Consecration to Mary. Consecrate yourself to her as soon as possible! Wear the ring or the bracelet (or both!) Live your True Devotion… and know a peace that this world will never be able to give! To Jesus through Mary!

Visit our monastery shop at:

271 Still River Road, Still River MA 01467

Gifts for Consecrated Souls
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