“Multi-purpose” is an understatement in describing Saint Anthony’s, one of the first buildings the Brothers ever constructed back in the 70’s.

Out of all the buildings on the Center’s property, Saint Anthony’s has gone through the most changes over the years, accruing a long history of varied occupations.

The first floor was used as a woodworking shop, mechanic shop and at one time the offset printshop. The second story of this building, which is roughly the size of a small barn, started off as the Brothers’ living quarters.

When the Brothers moved into the house next door, called Saint Pius X House, the former living space was turned into offices and a shipping room / storage room for publications and gift shop inventory. Over the years, as the monastery kept growing, Saint Anthony’s was revamped again and again.

Finally, this past summer, the upper level of Saint Anthony’s was vacated again and ready for a make-over! With a little carpentry, some paint and a new rug… it is now home to the audio/visual departments of Mancipia Studio! The space is used for recording segments for the local Catholic Radio station WQPH, along with some taping of vocal and singing tracks.

Brother Matthew also teaches his Public Speaking class there, where IHM Juniors and Seniors learn the art as well as all the behind-the-scenes technical aspect of audio/visual recording.

Brother Anthony Marie, who films and edits productions as well, stated that, “Eventually, we hope to get to the point where we will record interviews there.”  Saint Anthony’s is just another corner of the monastery with endless possibilities! All for Jesus, through Mary!

Scroll down to watch the video of “Saint Agnes, Holy Child,” sung by the Sisters, and recorded in the new studio! 

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