The leaves are changing here in Still River, and every evening the sunset over the valley… including the 77 acres which we hope to purchase behind the school, is a picture of beauty and promise.

Double or NothingAs the year wanes, the Monastery Expansion project, which has been dubbed here, the “Valley fund” – is drawing to the close of the first phase. With the end of October will come the end of the $100,000 matching-gift challenge offered by the Fr. Edward E. Sipperly Foundation. We are so close to reaching our goal of 100K in order to get the doubled donation… making it 200K to put towards the purchase of our new property and towards our ultimate campaign goal of $1.75 million, but we are still in need of funds to reach the deadline successfully!

As of October 12th, our fundraising status is $88,491 – that means we are only $11,509 away from the goal and the chance to double every single generous donation that has been contributed! Time is ticking and it is literally going to be double or nothing!

Please consider making a donation today! God will bless you for whatever you can give!

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