This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of our Montfort Retreat Center in New Hampshire. Up to that point, for twenty-seven years Morning Star Camp, and Montfort Boys’ Camp had been renting facilities in various locations.

Montfort Retreat 10 Years!In 2004, we found and purchased our present location. The land was undeveloped, fifty-eight acres of virgin forest. It was a daunting endeavor and many friends scoffed at the idea of building a camp. Putting our trust in Our Lady, the “Montfort Miracle” happened. Four years later, against all odds, Montfort Retreat opened its gates. Over the past 10 camp seasons, it has grown to a 200-acre facility for Morning Star Girls’ Camp, Montfort Boys’ camp, and a peaceful retreat site for men and women throughout the year. It is a living testimony to the power of prayer and trust in Jesus through Mary.

Morning Star Camp now offers four week-long summer programs; Leadership, Teen, and two regular Summer Camp weeks. The theme of the Leadership Camp was Fatima in honor of the 100th year anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions. The girls left with new skills to put into action, and a renewed sense of focus and responsibility as future Catholic Leaders in today’s society. No sooner had our Leaders left than… a new group of 100 girls arrived and the first week of the traditional Morning Star Summer Camp schedule launched off! This tried and true program weaves together a balance of faith, catechism, art and music with sports, boating and waterfront activities!

A new addition to this years’ season was Teen Week. A midpoint between Leadership and Regular week styles, it was a wonderful merge of catechesis, activities and events for campers ages 13-16. The fourth week of Morning Star 2017, found every bunk filled and the cabin villages alive and happy with lots of campers!

The Montfort Boys’ Camp and Youth Retreat weeks, run by the Brothers, had their biggest year yet, with almost 200 boys and young men! The Montfort Boys Camp program, which places an emphasis on the importance of virtue and discipline, included faith-building religious instruction along with fun, energetic activities like fishing, sailing and team-building races.

The Montfort Youth Retreat was full of events, conferences, daily Mass, Benediction and Rosary, outdoor adventures and sports. The Brothers could not have asked for a better group of young men to spend a week with.They would love to see more campers attend and perhaps add another week of camp, but will have to wait until more vocations come in to supply the need.

A big “Thank You” to all the great help from the staff of volunteers, cooks, and counselors for both camps, as well as friends and benefactors who donated for the upkeep and continuation of this apostolate. May God bless and reward your generosity!

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