The Saint John the Baptist Pro-Life League of Immaculate Heart of Mary School often participates in the 40 Days for Life prayer vigils in front of Planned Parenthood, Worcester, MA.

The students, however, wanted to do more! That is when the idea for a billboard campaign came up!

Initiated by the school’s administration, and designed by one of the Sisters, the billboards were up in a no time, and visible to the highway, for all to see. “We always like to present a positive message, something people enjoy looking at, something inspirational,” said Brother Thomas, principal of Immaculate Heart of Mary School.

Bridget Duffy, president of the League, said that this was a “new undertaking for our league, something we have never done before.” Although expensive, “funds for these billboards were raised by the students in the league through our annual 5k race, pancake breakfast and pro-life display at our church bazaar.”

The two billboards have produced tremendous positive responses in the local community. The League members are happy to have used the powerful means of a public billboard to spread the pro-life message to people they may never see or meet.

“We look forward to using the billboard campaign in the future,” said Bridget, “and continuing our work to spread the joy of life.”  A fall campaign is currently in the works.

Find out more about this project on the school website.

Pro-Life Billboard Campaign

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