In April 2017, Bud Evans, our friend and neighbor for 40 years passed away at the age of 90.

Bud was an icon of our village, “Still River,” in the town of Harvard, MA,  where he ran a “pick-your-own” pumpkin and sunflower farm in the seventy-seven-acre valley behind IHM School and chapel. The Evans Farm was known as a favorite fall destination for family fun, attracting people from all over New England.

Over the years as Bud, and his wife, Marion aged, they were no longer able to farm their beloved property. They began leasing haying fields to the local farmers, leaving most of the valley basically unused. Our school sits on the three acres overlooking the farm. It is a vista of fantastic sunsets.

After Bud’s death, the family put the property up for sale. In June we signed the Purchase And Sales Agreement for the Evans Farm. The scenic fields and hills will now enable us to build a larger house for the Brothers, a ball field for the school, and literally “broaden our horizons” with a host of other possibilities for expanding the monastery.

As we were preparing to start “fund raising”….God sent our first benefactor,  The Fr. Edward E. Sipperly Foundation, is matching donations up to $100,000. That means if you donate $100, he will send in an equal donation of $100, doubling the amount. With this big boost, our fundraising is off to a great start.

Please help us meet our immediate goal of raising $100,000 by making a donation today towards the $1,750,000.00 needed! Please consider making a donation to help expand our monastery!

Reward, O Lord, all those who do us good for Thy Name’s sake! May God bless you! 


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