Nestled in the center of Saint Benedict Center’s monastic complex stands a yellow split level house called Saint Joseph’s. Dwarfed by the enormity of its new neighbor, MacIsaac Hall, Saint Joseph’s, measures 1,400 sq. ft. Regardless of its size, a good portion of the monastery workload is done there everyday.

Saint Joseph’s WorkshopOriginally a guesthouse, the building has been remodeled to function as a multi-purpose workspace. It houses Te Deum Embroidery works, the convent sewing room, where all the habits are made, and the sacristy linen department (on the top floor). Downstairs is split into two work spaces; the Panis Angelorum Altar bread bakery and the Housetops office.

Recently the wall between the office and the storage area was removed, doubling the office space. Here the website and graphic departments, which were upstairs, are now finding a new home. Wall removal, window installation, plastering and painting were done by the Sisters. The Malm family, who have children in IHM School, organized a work crew who volunteered to finish the floor with the tiles donated by Dan and Marian Kelly. Lights were installed by Luke Austin and Mike Maney, while the Brothers continued to work on the gym. With this new expansion, we look forward to doing more for Jesus through Mary.

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