It’s been seven long years of hard labor, but now that it’s finished, it doesn’t seem that long at all… MacIsaac Hall is finally finished. And a big Thank You goes to our donors who helped either financially or with labor.

There is not a day that goes by when the gym is not resounding with the voices of children, or adults, playing basketball or volley ball, watching a movie, performing a play or singing on stage.  Sometimes we wonder… How did we ever do without this beautiful building? The Christmas Pageant this year was stunning, not only in the performance, but with lights, curtains and a packed audience.

IHM High School has also transitioned nicely into the new building and the students enjoy the sprint from Mass at the chapel across the street, to class, every morning. Classes are more focused as the building is exclusively used for high school. There is only one thing left to complete the entire project… landscaping including a paved parking lot and driveway… But like the building itself, it’s only a matter of time. After all, it is Mary’s work in the end.

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