Father Francis Unegbu, from Nigeria, visited Immaculate Heart of Mary School on December 12 – the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Father is presently studying in Rome where he is working on a doctoral thesis in education. Father has been visiting schools to observe how they integrate religion into the classroom. Fascinated with IHM online, he made a point of spending a day observing some classes to see how we use Saint John Bosco’s educational methods. He was enthusiastically welcomed by the middle and high school classes, initiating some lively discussions in each – much to his delight.  After the day was over, Father returned to Boston promising to visit again. A beautiful snowstorm added to the day, as it was the first time he ever saw snow.

Before Christmas, we also hosted a visiting medical student from Australia, Sarah Atard, and the secretary for the Fraternity parish in Guadalajara, Mexico, Aranza De Loreto, who spent three weeks with the Sisters. The Junior/Senior  Geography class enjoyed hearing about their countries which helped to broaden the students social perspective.

During Christmas break, Anna Rose McKinley from Northern Ireland, who is working in Denver with the homeless, spent a day visiting and sharing stories with the Sisters. Still River, might not be a big spot on the map, but it’s message and apostolates reach across the world!

Visitors from Afar

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