The academic year 2016–2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Immaculate Heart of Mary School. Marking the celebration, IHM opened the doors to the new high school across the street from the chapel.

This handsome complex brings a new dimension to student life at Saint Benedict Center. Three classrooms are on the second floor of the gym building with an open hall that balconies the actual gym. One large classroom is on the ground floor and will accommodate a variety of activities. 

The band also finds a home at last in the lower level with a room made exclusively for its use. Outside, there is a lovely picnic area under the trees for lunch breaks in the warm weather and a lunchroom, in the lower level of the building, for rainy and winter days.

 IHM has come a long way since the purchase of the initial ranch house in 1976, which was used for classrooms. The small group of parents, who identified a need for true Catholic education in the days before homeschooling became popular and available, rallied around the school. Years of work and sacrifice on the part of the religious have kept it open and slowly growing to what it is today. Although still small by comparison, with an enrollment of 110, we are proud to be able to broaden our horizons and reach more souls, as we open these new doors to students looking for an authentic Catholic Education.

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