This morning a green ‘gator was seen on the monastery grounds… not prowling but rolling off the flat bed of a truck into the parking lot!

At the beginning of the summer, the Sisters launched a campaign to raise money for a John Deere Gator to use for “buggy-lugging” and emergency off-road purposes at the Montfort camp facility. For years we have been using our golf cart and popping tires on the rocks every summer.

One large donation came through the mail and several of our MSC Campers’ families pitched in. Our hope mounted with the generosity even of the campers themselves, who left quarters in our money jar outside the trading post. But our dream climaxed when one of the families donated the balance with a very generous contribution enabling us to purchase a brand new “gator.” Wow!

How can we express our gratitude to everyone!! This reliable all-terrain vehicle will be invaluable in the backwoods of New Hampshire! (Special thanks too, to Steve H. at Padula Bros., for the great price!)

God bless you all! We are just thrilled !

“Everything fades away, but not our gratitude. We shall always pray that God will abundantly bless those who have been so good to us.” ~St. John Bosco

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