It was a glorious day for Saint Patrick on Sunday as he was duly honored in the annual Boston Saint Patrick’s Day Parade amid the cheers of up to a million spectators lining the streets of the old “Southie” neighborhood.

Immaculate Heart of Mary School’s float depicting the Patron Saint of the Archdiocese, surrounded by angels and Irish children, lead the parade accompanied by the highly trophied school band.

“It couldn’t be a Saint Patrick’s Day parade in South Boston without this float going by,” said Latoyia Edwards broadcasting live from New England Cable News.

The press and major local media outlets trumpeted the defeat of Boston’s mayor and local politicians who failed to force the inclusion of militant homosexual activist into the parade. Saint Patrick won the day.

The Catholic Action League of Boston hailed the Allied War Veterans—the parade organizers—for their “determined defense of their Faith, moral principles, and constitutional rights.” The Supreme Court unanimously concurred in 1995 that the government cannot control the criteria for participation in a parade organized by private individuals.

Executive Director, C.J. Doyle commented: “In the end, the veterans refused to surrender, despite demands from politicians, criticism from the media, tensions with some sponsors, and duplicity from homosexual activists. It was an admirable example of courage, fidelity, and integrity.”

Long live Saint Patrick, the Faith and culture he gave us!

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