The woods of New Hampshire have been alive with activity the last few weeks as car loads of campers have made the trek from various distances to be a part of the summer youth programs.

Representations from as far as California, Texas, Indiana, Arkansas, Virginia, the Carolinas and all along the East Coast, came to claim their bunk in the cabins of Montfort Retreat, don their camp tee-shirts and participate in a week of fun activities “to Jesus through Mary”.

Following Leadership Camp, the week of Montfort Boys Camp, directed by the Brothers, and two weeks of Morning Star Girls Camp, directed by the Sisters, have seen the facility at full capacity – and full of life!

Aside from the scheduled classes and games, there are beautiful trails to be hiked and waterfront pastimes of boating and swimming – without ever leaving the property! Its the perfect place for catholic youth to learn to “enjoy yourselves as much as you like, if only you keep away from sin” as Saint John Bosco said.

Montfort Youth Retreat finished up the 6th year of summer youth programs at Monfort Retreat. What a blessing! Thank you Blessed Mother! …and special thanks to all those who helped in so many ways to make these events possible.

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