The Monastery

Saint Benedict Center is the name of our monastery, and reflects our active religious life… according to the spirit of Saint Benedict: Work and Pray.

Set in apple country, the village of Still River provides the perfect peaceful surroundings for our life. An oasis of peace and prayer, Saint Benedict Center is its own little world unknown to many who pass by on Route 110. Boasting of 26 acres, 11 buildings, and beautiful grounds, it is truly blessed by Our Lady; and as a dear friend once stated: She truly walks the halls of this beloved establishment.

Many young families, in searching for the Traditional Mass, have discovered this somewhat hidden gem, and assist regularly at Mass and the many events that take place throughout the year. For those who truly make it “the Center” of their lives, the blessings of Our Lady become quite evident. But it is not only the lay people who feel this, the Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, who own, operate and maintain Saint Benedict Center, feel truly blessed to be able to live in a place so dear to Our Lady.

Saint Benedict Center is open to the public. The Chapel is open for visits throughout the day, and all are welcome to participate in events as seen in our monthly bulletin. Come and see for yourself!