Latin Mass Making A Comeback!

An ominous weather forecast did not deter over 400 people from showing up at Saint Benedict Center, Harvard, MA on Sunday, May 15th.

Statue of Our Lady in IHM ChapelThe annual May procession, which aims to honor the Blessed Mother in a special way, began with a Solemn High Mass, which was celebrated by Reverend Joseph Briody, a professor at Saint John’s Seminary in Brighton, MA.  He was assisted by Deacon Derek Mobilio and Subdeacon Mr. Peter Schirripa, and Mr. Paul Born, MC, all from Saint John’s Seminary, as well as Brother Gerard, MICM and altar boys of IHM Chapel.

During the Latin Tridentine Mass, the chanting of the Brothers and Sisters MICM resounded in the packed chapel, and large bouquets adorned the altar and shrines of the saints, complementing the beauty of the liturgy.

Following Mass, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima on a lilac-decked sedia was brought into the sanctuary by four men. After the blessing of the crowns, the faithful sang the traditional hymn “Bring Flowers of the Fairest,” while an Immaculate Heart of Mary high-school girl crowned the statue.

The Rosary began, a decade of which is said at each crowning along the procession route, and the procession started down the main aisle of the chapel with the sedia preceded by flower girls and altar boys.

Meanwhile, the rain was pouring outside drenching the people who had attended the previous two Masses and came back for the procession.

“It was a miracle!” one of the participants said, “As soon as the sedia came out of the chapel, the rain stopped and the sun started to come out!” Everyone in the procession was speechless at the sudden change in weather and couldn’t help but feel that it came from Our Lady’s intervention.

As the procession made its way through the monastery grounds, the congregation recited the remaining decades of the Rosary between hymns. “The procession honors our Lady,” one Sister said, “and at the same time is an evangelizing moment. As they drive down the road, people pause in their cars and ask what is going on, and it’s a good opportunity to mention Our Lady to them.” One lady actually stopped and joined in.

The culmination of the procession was Benediction at the outdoor altar on the convent lawn. Sister Katherine Maria, MICM Mother Superior, said that it was “a captivating sight – so many people bowed at the Divine Praises before the Blessed Sacrament!”

After Benediction, Brother Thomas Augustine, MICM Superior, addressed everyone, grace was said, and the pot-luck picnic began. “It was beautiful to see all the people praying with such devotion throughout the entire procession,” Brother said.

The sun was out and it was a lovely day in every way – a day of faith, prayer, love, and devotion that will not be forgotten. “This is something you just don’t see at my parish,” said a first-time attendee. “It was like taking a step back in time. What a wonderful event.”

With all the darkness in our world today, it is refreshing to know that Jesus and Mary are still with us and we will join in the triumph of the Immaculate Heart!

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