Saint John Bosco and the Mass

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Saint John Bosco knew the power of the Holy Mass.

The Devil Knows The Power Of The Ancient Liturgy.

Some saints had heavenly ecstasies and visions. Saint John Bosco, however, received dreams that were useful in guiding the boys of his oratory to lead a good and moral life.

One of them was about the urgency to attend Mass properly and without distraction.

In this dream he found himself with his school boys at Mass. To his sorrow, he saw many red-robed, horned devils circulating with toys, books, and games to distract the boys.

Everyone had a devil at his side trying to distract them. He saw one little devil perched on a boy’s shoulder whispering in his ear.

This is similar to what Saint Benedict saw while chanting Divine Office.. He saw devils at the sides of his monks  trying to make them distracted and sleepy.

In Don Bosco’s dream, he saw some boys turn their backs to the altar at the elevation. The devils remained with them.

However, for those who adored Out Lord at the elevation, the devils disappeared.

The 1962 Daily Missal for the Latin Mass.He explained to the boys that this was an indication that in reality, devils were truly circulating among them during Mass to distract them. Those who did not pray and adore were not able to, because they were in sin.

He urged the boys to stay in the state of grace and do their utmost to attend Mass devoutly in order to appease the anger of God who was ready to send chastisements due to the sins of his day.

This is especially good advice for us in our day as we see the escalating possibility that God may chastise the world with a nuclear war.

Because the Mass is so powerful against evil, the devils hate devout attendance at It. They hate the very Mass itself and have worked to empty out our churches and close them down.

At present the attack has turned to preventing the Traditional Latin Masses in those places where the devout Faithful hold the ancient liturgy so dear.

If according to Don Bosco, we should resist distractions at Mass, we should also resist the attacks on the ancient Sacred Liturgy and do what we can to promote it.

Saint John Bosco pray for us.


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