Saint Joan of Arc and One World Government

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Joan of Arc leads the army of France in battle.

God does not want a One World Government. It is evident from the ancient story in sacred scripture,The Fall of the Tower of Babel. At that time, there was only one language in the world—Hebrew.

All the people gathered together and decided to build “a city and tower, the top of which may reach to heaven.” (Genesis 11:4) They thought to make a name for themselves and then govern all men from this great city—with no thought of God.

God punished them for their pride and “confounded” their tongue, by creating new languages, so that they could not understand one another, and then He scattered them throughout the world.

From this we see that God intentionally established separate peoples each with their own language and their own territory.

The story of Saint Joan of Arc, Patroness of France, is another example demonstrating that God is against One World Government.

When Joan was born in the year 1415, France and England were in the middle of a hundred-year war. England was winning the war and ruling much of France. There was no king of France but an heir apparent who was weak and reluctant to become King.

Moreover, the city of Rheims, the place where Clovis, the first King of France, and all his successors had been crowned, was in the hands of the English. It was in Rheims that the holy oils used in the coronation ceremony were kept. These oils were deemed essential and miraculously replenished since the crowning of Clovis in 481 A.D.

Evidently God did not want France to lose her sovereignty even to another equally Catholic country. To prevent this, He raised up a young humble French maiden, counseled by heavenly patrons, to confound mighty England.

Under the direction of Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Catherine of Alexandria, and Saint Margaret of Antioch, Joan boldly went and told the Dauphin, (the heir to the throne) that God wanted her to lead the army, raise the current siege of Orleans, and take back the cities that led to Rheims so that he could be duly crowned.

Not since Judith of the Old Testament, who cut off the head of Holofernes and saved Israel from destruction, did a warrior woman save a nation.

Joan was only 17 when she was placed in command of the armies of France.

And so it happened. Joan raised the siege of Orleans, the gateway to Rheims and after retaking a number of captured cities, she brought about the crowning of Charles VII as the rightful ruler of France.

Although every country is meant to rule itself, in the higher realm there is a universal kingdom set up to rule all mankind under one head.

It is the Kingdom of God and Our Lord, Jesus Christ, is its King.

As a young girl, Joan of Arc was free to turn down God’s call to save her country. And after her success, she could have retired and lived a famous and comfortable life.

However, she heroically answered the call and after fulfilling her assigned mission, she kept on fighting to redeem all France.

At length, she was captured and her sworn enemies put her to death by burning her at the stake. She had done much in just two years for she was only 19. From the flames, she cried out victoriously, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”

God has called every one of us to follow Christ our King and build up His kingdom.  We pray daily in the Our Father, “Thy Kingdome come.”

It starts from within, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) It then branches out to the family when every child is baptized and brought up in the Faith. From there it enters society—to those we meet and work with.

If everyone did their part in praying and promoting the Kingdom of God there would be a return to Christian morality and Christian laws in our country.

Let us be inspired by the courage of Saint Joan of Arc to promote the reign of Christ, by first enthroning Him in our hearts and then working to enthrone Him as King of All Nations.

Long live Christ the King!

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