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The Espousals of Mary and Saint Joseph.

The whole month of March is dedicated to Saint Joseph. He was the royal and divinely-trusted man to whom the Blessed Virgin Mary was given as a bride, and whom God knew would guard her innocence as a virgin and protect her Divine Child.

Saint Joseph was espoused to Our Blessed Lady by divine arrangement on September 8th, 2 B.C. when she was just fourteen years old. Saint Joseph was thirty years old at the time. His solemn espousals to Our Lady took place on the following January 23rd. Saint Joseph died when he was sixty years old, just before the public life of Our Lord began.

Saint Bernadine brings to life the warmth and relationship of Saint Jo­seph and Mary when he writes,

Free Subscription Online to From the Housetops Magazine.“Since the marriage of Mary and Joseph was a real marriage contracted by divine inspiration, and since marriage is so close a union of souls that the bride­groom and the bride are said to be one person, which may be called, as it were, the perfection of unity; how can any discerning person think that the Holy Ghost would unite in such a union, the soul of such a virgin to any soul that did not resemble hers in the works of vir­tue?

Therefore, I believe that this man, Saint Joseph, was adorned with the most pure virginity, the most profound humility, the most ardent love and char­ity towards God, the loftiest contempla­tion. And since the Virgin knew that he was given her by the Holy Ghost to be her spouse, and the faithful guardian of her virginity, and to share besides in affectionate love and indulgent care towards the most divine Offspring of God; therefore, I believe that she loved Saint Joseph sincerely with all the af­fection of her heart.”

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