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Penance is the sacrament of Christ’s Precious Blood in which God–according to the eloquent words...
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Extreme Unction and the Sick Room

Christ, in His loving care for the souls He redeemed, has provided salutary remedies for all the nee...
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No Eternal Punishment?

Men, it is a very remarkable fact, never quarrel with Heaven. They are willing to concede that there...
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Christ has done penance and made satisfaction for my sins; am I myself exempt from any such necessit...

Sin: The Cancer of Your Soul

It is impossible to name all the evils which venial sins cause us to commit. If they are not expiate...
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The Blessed Eucharist

In this wonderful age of ours, there is nothing that creates in the thinking mind so much astonishme...
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The Sacred Heart and Ministering to the Afflicted

The compassion of the Sacred Heart for sorrow and misery of every kind found continual expression in...
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To Hell and Back

I have another dream to tell you, a sort of aftermath of those I told you last Thursday and Friday w...

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