Friday, 22 February 2013 21:37

Monastery Maples

 syrup 450When the nights stay cold and the days begin to warm up, it is time to tap our maple trees and start making some maple syrup!

Over the past years, the Sisters have been tapping the monastery sugar maples and boiling down the sap, turning it into delicious syrup! This year the usual kitchen stove with pots of raw syrup have been replaced by a homemade outdoor wood stove and stainless steel pan which was the generous donation of a local sheet metal company and the handiwork of Luke Austin.

Sister Christopher Margaret and Sister Brigid Mary have been spear-heading the endeavor, and with some delicious results! Unfortunately you won't find it for sale in our shop though… there are just too many pancakes to be served with it right here at the monastery! Besides, its a lot of work… every 30 gallons of raw sap has to be boiled down to get one gallon of syrup. In the past week or so they have already collected over 100 gallons! Who knows, maybe we will even have some for summer camp!