Tuesday, 07 May 2013 00:00

Ecuador Encounter

 ecuador 450Two Sisters spent a grace-filled week on mission to Ecuador last month. The mission was among the poor in the town of Arbolito and Monte Sinai.

Organized by a priest from Boston for students NOT to work in Third world countries, but to BE in third would countries. The giving in this program was done by the poor to the visitors, not the other way around. The trip was sponsored by a friend for the Sisters to observe this very unique and successful approach to education the youth in a compassionate way of understanding life without comforts.

Sisters experienced first hand the warmth and hospitality of the Ecuadorians and the simplicity of their everyday life. They spent time talking with the people there, eating their food, listening to the sufferings they go through and teaching the children in an after-school programs for the poor. Many children gravitated to the Sisters happily joining them in singing a simple round of the Ave Maria.

One of the other programs they participated in was a visit to the Padre Damien House in Guayaquil where patients afflicted with Hanson's Disease (leprosy) are well cared for by a dedicated staff. Another highlight was visiting Madre Lucille at the Saint Phillip Neri School in Monte Sinai. As principal, Madre is determined to provide the much needed Catholic educations to students in Grades 1-6, in spite of governmental moves to close private schools.

It was an incredible experience that illustrated well that our American materialism is not what makes you happy; many of these people had nothing but the Holy Catholic Faith – and it was enough!