Sunday, 22 December 2019 16:41

Wishes Fulfilled!

A great big THANK YOU to each and every donor who helped to fulfill our wishes this Christmas!

We were amazed to receive some of the items the very day after we posted our Wish List!! Thanks to your help, and the help of the wished-for items, things will keep running smoothly at the monastery during this coming 2020…

wshlsthkfOur new Hot Dog Steamer will be put to use in our gym concession stand to keep our customers happy! THANK YOU!

The Sisters will be able keep everything secure during school recesses with their new walkie-talkies! THANK YOU!

With the help of our new video tripod we hope to be sharing more videos this year! THANK YOU!

The embroidery room is thrilled with their new thread rack! THANK YOU!

And our Maple-Syrup-Making-Team is so grateful for the new taps and await tapping season! THANK YOU!

A special note of THANKS to all who donated so generously on our School Expansion Fundraiser from December 1–24! It was such a great boost… and thanks to your help things are going well with the construction! Please continue to spread the word about this project!

May God bless and reward all those who have helped us in so many ways this past year!