Tuesday, 16 July 2019 15:38

At the Gate of Heaven

gateheavenftA dear priest friend used to say that life at Saint Benedict Center was like living on the doorstep of Heaven… and he wasn’t too far off! Actually we do have the “Gate of Heaven” here, which is the name of the Sisters’ Convent Chapel!

After years of contemplating just the right stenciling, this spring we finally got the courage to mount the scaffolds and paint the back wall of the sanctuary.

A team of three Sisters designed the patterns, made the stencils, and went to work to paint, stencil and gold-leaf the sanctuary walls, ceilings, archway and shrines. It was a true labor of love!

Climbing up staging, teetering on ladders, and putting faith in our guardian angel for those “hard to reach” spots, paid off with a glorious product worthy of the name of our little chapel. After all, we may be living on the doorstep of Heaven, but we are praying at the very Gate!

Enjoy a gallery of photos from this project below! Click to enlarge!